The Power of Ideas - Future of Health Summit

  Featured Articles from Future of Health Summit

Cynthia Germanotta

It’s Time to Talk About Mental Health

Helping individuals and their communities understand and discuss mental health is critical to enabling progress.

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Jason Karp

Food as Poison or Food as Medicine?

Improving nutrition, providing education about nutrition, and restoring the quality of real food are the most important issues we face today.

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Annalisa Jenkins

From Care of Disease to Care of the Person

Keeping people healthy, happy, and productive through the application of remarkable advances in science, medicine, and technology is the key to a sustainable future.

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Leonard D’Avolio

When Life Gives You Health-Care Reform

Leonard D’Avolio on the complexities of health-care payment reforms.

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Jo Ann Jenkins

Longevity and the Future of Health

A new vision of health that emphasizes well-being throughout our lives requires four important shifts.

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Garth Graham

The Role of Communities in Shaping the Future of Health

Garth Graham shares three key factors for communities that can positively shape the future of health: awareness, access, and action.

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The Power of Ideas - Global Conference

  Featured Articles from Global Conference

Matt Damon and Gary White

Investing in Safe Water Allows Opportunities to Flow

Impact investing in water and sanitation is gaining momentum to end the world’s global water crisis by 2030.

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Nancy Armstrong

Ushering in a Long-Awaited Transition

Despite multiple studies that have shown a significant correlation between gender parity at the top and economic performance, progress continues to move at a glacial pace.

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Igor Tulchinsky

The Prediction Opportunity

Humans have not suddenly become better at looking ahead, but the quality of the predictive tools and data we use has improved drastically.

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Michael S. Burke

America's Infrastructure Future Hinges on New Partnerships

Amid fundamental shifts in U.S. government priorities, cities and states find themselves on the front lines of change like never before.

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Jim Yong Kim

A New Approach to Solve the World's Human Capital Crisis

We need to drastically change the system and prompt leaders to demand much more investment in human capital.

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Scott Minerd

Ensuring a Return on Sustainable Development

We have reached an inflection point where doing right for the world and doing well for investors are converging.

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The Power of Ideas - Asia Summit

  Featured Articles from Asia Summit

Francisco Aristeguieta

Why Trade Is Evolving, Not Going Away

While some are fastening their seatbelts in anticipation of a rough road ahead, we remain confident that trade will stay central to economic activity for decades if not centuries to come.

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Ilfryn Carstairs

Capital Markets in Asia Need Alternative Sources of Credit

Expanding access to credit and building on the progress made in creating more dynamic credit offering schemes will help Asia tap its full potential.

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Gianfranco Casati

Be Agile to Thrive

Retaining agility and flexibility will be the biggest challenge facing businesses in Asia in the future. This may require more of them to reinvent their business models and embracing the digital sphere.

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Catherine Collinson

A New Social Contract for Retirement

Nine design features frame the new social contract for retirement across Asia that honors the principles of sustainability and solidarity, while providing adequate safety nets.

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Tony Fernandes

Inequality, the Challenge for Asia

Amid Asia's economic rise, it is important that we also pay close attention to the distribution of wealth within society. Inequality is the greatest threat to the long-term peace and prosperity of any Asian country.

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Anita Marangoly George

Technology's Impact on Asia's Rapid Ascent

The growth of combined Asian economies will move the economic centre of gravity from the West to the East in the next ten years.

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