The Power of Ideas - Global Conference

Driving Shared Prosperity

Chelsea Clinton and Kathy Higgins

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind: The Makings of a Prosperous Future

To empower the next generation, we need to start by ensuring we meet all aspects of children’s health needs now.

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Mike Corbat

Transparency Is Integral to Reaching Equality and Shared Prosperity

Shared prosperity means we have to embrace the view that, above all, this is not a zero-sum game.

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Thasunda Brown Duckett and Sekou Kaalund

A Business Case for Closing America’s Racial Wealth Gap

Making the economy work for more people will benefit the US over the long term.

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Sherrie Westin

The Power of Early Learning to Build Brighter Futures

As Sesame Street celebrates 50 years, we continue to work toward a future in which every child has a path to success and the support they need to overcome even the most daunting obstacles.

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Amy Smith

Businesses Can Be Financially Successful While Also Doing Good

Our One for One business model was a revolutionary idea when we created it. Hundreds of companies have since adapted it.

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Simone Friedman

Creating Food Systems Change Through Storytelling

A story, told well, has the power to change the world by showcasing inequities and presenting opportunities to right wrongs.

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Scott Minerd

Sustainability Through the Power of Partnerships

Openness to sharing financial, technological, and knowledge resources is necessary to address the planet’s complex sustainable development challenges.

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David Siegel

Shared Prosperity Will Require Basic Research—and a Lot of It

To realize the full promise of technological innovation, we must focus on solving fundamental scientific problems.

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Carmine Di Sibio

Why Education Is the Key to Prosperity

To drive shared prosperity, we need to make sure that everyone can get the education and lifelong training he or she needs to succeed in the 21st century.

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Stacy L. Smith

The Prosperity of Equality

We all prosper when inclusive storytelling succeeds.

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Doug Merritt

How Data Can Drive Shared Prosperity

Data and data tools empower individuals and are pivotal to helping all of us overcome the challenges we face as a society.

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Paul Hawken

Reversing Global Warming Creates Enduring Prosperity for All

Solving global warming is the only pathway to a shared and true prosperity.

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Steven J. Goulart

The Path to Prosperity

As the world creates opportunity for some, we must collectively ensure that we build a path to prosperity for all.

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Robby Gutmann

Prosperity Means the Freedom to Take Control of Your Destiny

The free and open flow of information and communication across the globe has had profound impacts for the world’s citizens. Could the free and open flow of money mean the same?

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Barbara Humpton

Want to Build a Skilled Workforce? Focus on Leaving No One Behind

The rise of the Fourth Industrial Revolution has made me even more optimistic for the future of work.

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Jean Hynes

Better Health Care Necessitates New Financial Solutions

As medical standards of care lead to longer life spans, society will need to consider how people can maintain longer, more prosperous lives.

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Igor Tulchinsky and Robert Kirkpatrick

The Power of Data Philanthropy

Data partnerships between private and public bodies are the key to building global prosperity and resiliency.

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Alex Silver

Rethinking Shared Prosperity to Reach the Rare Disease Community

By not helping those in need, we are relegating prosperity to chance.

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Charles Scharf

Balancing the Scales of Opportunity

Those who have the advantages and resources have a responsibility to help level the playing field.

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Bernard Tyson

Health for a Prosperous America

We need to look beyond the traditional boundaries of the medical lane to the issues that are impacting the health of Americans.

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Cynthia Germanotta

Mental Wellness: A Key to More Prosperous Communities

We can make progress in the mental health of youth in a few simple ways.

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Simon Paris

Financial Inclusion: The Platform to Prosper

Discrete financial products are evolving into an ecosystem of applications and services that empowers participants in finance to select the services they want and own their own futures.

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Marisa Drew

Generating Returns Sustainably for Shared Prosperity

What gives me hope is the belief in human ingenuity and market forces to solve great problems.

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Pat Furlong

What Is Prosperity Without Quality of Life?

Working together to find cures and treatments for disease means that no patient is left behind.

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Virginie Morgon

Bold Diversification: A New Standard to Promote Longevity and Prosperity

Our views on diversification must be both bold and all-encompassing, spanning across our talent, portfolios, and corporate purpose.

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Ian G. McKay

How a 60 Percent Increase in FDI Relates to Prosperity

Canada’s news on foreign direct investment reveals five keys to shared prosperity.

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Ronald P. O’Hanley

Investing for the Long Term Clarifies Shared Prosperity Imperative

Investors need to understand the structural forces undermining shared prosperity and how those might affect the risk profile of their portfolios over the long run.

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Andrew S. Weinberg

The Middle Market: Where Shared Prosperity Deserves Cultivation

Middle-market companies have the capacity to advance prosperity in their communities—but they need support.

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Sir Michael Hintze

Optimism Is Not an Excuse for Complacency

All of us need to work hard for the common good to achieve greater prosperity for society as a whole.

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Dan Houston

From Risk to Reward: Shifting Perspectives to Benefit Retirement Saving

Reducing financial stress for retirees involves the proactive work of all key stakeholders.

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Robin Carhart-Harris

What Does Prosperity Mean to Me?

“Doing well” should be about happiness ahead of wealth, recognition, or knowledge.

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