The Power of Ideas - Asia Summit

Preparing for the Future

Francisco Aristeguieta

Why Trade Is Evolving, Not Going Away

While some are fastening their seatbelts in anticipation of a rough road ahead, we remain confident that trade will stay central to economic activity for decades if not centuries to come.

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Ilfryn Carstairs

Capital Markets in Asia Need Alternative Sources of Credit

Expanding access to credit and building on the progress made in creating more dynamic credit offering schemes will help Asia tap its full potential.

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Gianfranco Casati

Be Agile to Thrive

Retaining agility and flexibility will be the biggest challenge facing businesses in Asia in the future. This may require more of them to reinvent their business models and embracing the digital sphere.

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Catherine Collinson

A New Social Contract for Retirement

Nine design features frame the new social contract for retirement across Asia that honors the principles of sustainability and solidarity, while providing adequate safety nets.

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Laura Deal Lacey

The Real Secret to Successful Aging for Women

Unrealistic perceptions of age, beauty, and the worth of women undermine the more serious conversation women should have about aging.

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Tony Fernandes

Inequality, the Challenge for Asia

Amid Asia's economic rise, it is important that we also pay close attention to the distribution of wealth within society. Inequality is the greatest threat to the long-term peace and prosperity of any Asian country.

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Anita Marangoly George

Technology's Impact on Asia's Rapid Ascent

The growth of combined Asian economies will move the economic centre of gravity from the West to the East in the next ten years.

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Sir Michael Hintze

Trade Is Politics by Another Means, with Apologies to Carl von Clausewitz

As trade is replacing war as the continuation of politics by another means, the rivalry between the U.S. and China is one of the defining issues that will shape Asia’s and other emerging market economies and capital markets.

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Swamy Kocherlakota

Preparing for the Workplace of the Future

Companies must support their existing workforce to avoid being disrupted by creating meaningful channels for all employees to learn and evolve to stay relevant.

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John Wood

Tomorrow's Economic Indicators Sit in Today's Classrooms

How can Asia successfully educate its youngest people to reach their full potential and contribute to the global economy?

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Mike Novogratz and Luka Jankovic

Decentralized Technology: A New Revolution

We are on the cusp of a new ideological revolution that could disrupt core inefficiencies of conventional governance.

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Drue Kataoka

Investing for Immortality

How can we continue to invest in, nurture, and create art that will resonate thousands of years from now?

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Nadia Thalmann

Towards a Mixed Society: The Dream of Humanity

Humanity is closing in on the fulfillment of its century-old dream to create capable humanoid social robots that will cater to our daily needs.

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Hwee Hua Lim

Preparing for the Future: Ready to Junk Hierarchy?

Governments need to prioritize innovation, collaboration, life-long learning, and re-skilling, as age no longer equates to more experience or higher income.

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Igor Tulchinsky

Southeast Asia's AI Moment

Southeast Asian companies must embrace AI, adopt data-driven decision making, and collaborate to shift talent from monotonous tasks to more complex projects.

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