The Power of Ideas - Future of Health Summit

Cynthia Germanotta

It’s Time to Talk About Mental Health

Helping individuals and their communities understand and discuss mental health is critical to enabling progress.

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Jason Karp

Food as Poison or Food as Medicine?

Improving nutrition, providing education about nutrition, and restoring the quality of real food are the most important issues we face today.

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Annalisa Jenkins

From Care of Disease to Care of the Person

Keeping people healthy, happy, and productive through the application of remarkable advances in science, medicine, and technology is the key to a sustainable future.

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Leonard D’Avolio

When Life Gives You Health-Care Reform

Leonard D’Avolio on the complexities of health-care payment reforms.

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Jo Ann Jenkins

Longevity and the Future of Health

A new vision of health that emphasizes well-being throughout our lives requires four important shifts.

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Garth Graham

The Role of Communities in Shaping the Future of Health

Garth Graham shares three key factors for communities that can positively shape the future of health: awareness, access, and action.

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Lori McFarling

Building Partnerships to Combat the Opioid Crisis

Public-private partnerships that align around the single goal of reversing opioid misuse and heroin use are needed now more than ever.

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James Golden

Is AI the New Health-Care Reform?

WorldQuant Predictive Technologies CEO James Golden shares three important trends driving artificial intelligence in medicine.

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Lloyd Minor

The Future of Health Is Humanwide

To fully advance to the next stage in patient care, providers must shift their focus and embrace a new model of care delivery that takes advantage of modern medical tools.

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Marjorie Morrison

The Power of Online Learning to Scale the Future of Behavioral Health

Online education can be a powerful tool for improving the future and quality of health care.

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Mark Hyman

Setting the Course for a Positive Future of Health

Six major trends in science, tech, food systems, and health-care delivery have the potential to shift the trajectory and reverse the loss of human, economic, and natural capital.

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Susan Collins

Aging in the Future of Health

In an era of fast-paced digitalization, there remains no substitute for human connectivity.

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Paul Markovich

Transforming a Broken System

Paul Markovich, president and CEO of Blue Shield of California, reimagines the future of our health system.

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Dan Barber

Creating a New Culture of Food

Dan Barber is making the case for flavor—and the people who fight for it—because good food is a powerful driver of change.

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