The Power of Ideas - Global Conference

Insights for Building Meaningful Lives

Sheryl WuDunn, Nicholas Kristof

A Path for Hopefulness: Empowering Others, and Empowering Yourself

Giving back is not a dreary means to a tax deduction, but as a chance to inject meaning, wonder, and fun into life.

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Lynda Resnick

To Change the Future, We Went Back to High School

What happens when the available workforce isn’t qualified for the jobs of the future?

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Tidjane Thiam

Supporting Entrepreneurship That Binds Us

We must support entrepreneurs whose visions will lead to products or services that bind us, rather than divide us.

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Jean Baderschneider

Modern Day Slavery: A Crime of Opportunity

Slavery exists in virtually every country in the world despite the fact that legislation prohibiting it exists, permeating local, regional, and global supply chains.

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Douglas L. Peterson

Public-Private Partnerships: The Essential Actors

Long-term public-private partnerships help ensure that incentives are aligned with better design and materials, and lower lifecycle costs.

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Jim McCaughan

Technology and Retirement: Shifting Opportunities

In a stockpicker’s market, weeding out business models that are susceptible to industry disruption and deflationary obsolescence will become a key skill.

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Michael L. Corbat

Why the U.S. and the World Need Trade To Prosper

To preserve the mutual prosperity that trade has brought to the world, we need to get trade reform right. We need to make trade not just freer but fairer than it is now.

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Adena Friedman

Evolving the Capital Markets Ecosystem

Increasing transparency, driving long termism, and creating the right conditions for smaller growth companies will be key in the evolution of the capital market system.

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Sir Elton John

Leading—and Winning—by Example: Keeping Africa’s Workforce Healthy

The patterns of change we continue to see in Africa offer the chance for technology to drive development, and no area is more critical than health.

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Taimur Hyat

Silvertech and Changes in Real Estate

The megatrends of aging and longevity will provide real, long-term opportunities for investments in Silvertech innovations and the evolving senior housing market.

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James McCormack

Lessons for Technology from the Debate on Globalization

It is inevitable that technological change will accelerate in the years ahead, and likely in ways that are not easily envisaged.

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Ellyn Shook

Three Ways CEOs Can Make People the Source of Competitive Advantage in the Digital Age

Technology is about elevating—not eliminating—people. Humans—not robots—break into new markets, imagine new products, and craft compelling experiences.

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Ray Rothrock

The Power of Resilience

Cybersecurity is no longer just the esoteric concern of very technical people; it is an important concern for us all.

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Francesca Rossi

Artificial Intelligence: The Importance of Ethical Development

Developing AI makes us more than computer scientists or business professionals. It makes us all architects of social change.

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David Panzirer

Questions & Answers

Philanthropists must do their due diligence. Simply writing a big check to someone in a white coat is unlikely to net desired results.

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Cesar V. Purisima

Innovating a More Equitable Future

We need bold and innovative public policy to address ethical, economic, and political questions on labor and equality. If we do not act, our greatest fears could be realized.

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David Siegel

How Efficiency Is Wiping Out the Middle Class

The hollowing out of the middle-skill work force is a classic tragedy of the commons, and few in leadership positions today feel a personal responsibility to help address it.

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Sir Michael Hintze

Philanthropy and Community Engagement

Private philanthropy is better placed to enable, motivate, guide and partner with charities. We must take responsibility to look after others; it is our obligation to give back.

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Michael Milken

Foreword: The Future of the American Dream Rests on Building Meaningful Lives

Our ability to match workers who are at risk of being left behind will determine the future of the American dream and democracy as we know it.

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His Holiness The Dalai Lama

Why I Am Hopeful About the World’s Future

To find solutions to the environmental crisis and violent conflicts that confront us in the 21st century, we need to seek new answers.

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Scott Minerd

The Keys to American Growth

Sound policies for sustainable development, immigration, and public/private infrastructure investment will have the greatest impact on growth.

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