The Power of Ideas - Global Conference

Insights for Navigating a World in Transition

Matt Damon and Gary White

Investing in Safe Water Allows Opportunities to Flow

Impact investing in water and sanitation is gaining momentum to end the world’s global water crisis by 2030.

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Nancy Armstrong

Ushering in a Long-Awaited Transition

Despite multiple studies that have shown a significant correlation between gender parity at the top and economic performance, progress continues to move at a glacial pace.

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Scott Minerd

Ensuring a Return on Sustainable Development

We have reached an inflection point where doing right for the world and doing well for investors are converging.

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Andy Puddicombe

Cultivating Clarity in Transition

Meditation reminds us that we are in this together, not just in celebrating our diversity, but sharing in our humanity.

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Dan Buettner

Hindsight Is 20/20: Our Current Health Crisis

Blue Zones are populations with extraordinary longevity and happiness performances, which offer valuable lessons for the rest of the world.

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Igor Tulchinsky

The Prediction Opportunity

Humans have not suddenly become better at looking ahead, but the quality of the predictive tools and data we use has improved drastically.

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Jack Hollis

The Bright Future of Mobility Belongs to Us All

A mobility revolution is coming and it will spark a new era that will have the potential to improve the lives of billions of people.

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Ning Tang

Cooperation Between Powerhouses in FinTech Results in a Win-Win

The exchange of entrepreneurial spirit, talent and ideas between the U.S. and China will benefit everyone and create a more innovative, stable, and stronger FinTech industry.

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Paul Daugherty

Responsible AI Means Raising It Right

A look in the playbook of how we raise our children and educate employees can help us to create, train, and develop flexible, ethically acting AI systems.

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Richard Ditizio

Gender Equality Is Everyone's Business

It is time for men to participate in the conversation that recognizes the social and business imperative to respond to the needs and talents of women.

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Steven J. Goulart

Building Stronger Futures

As the global economy continues to perform formidably, the power of the long-term investor has never seemed more certain.

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Sean Fearns

Collaborating to Tackle the Opioid Crisis

Thoughtful collaboration will bring the resources and interventions needed for the results we all want to see.

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Mark Weinberger

Forces Defining the Future of Work

The jobs of the future will be more engaging, more flexible, and more globally oriented than ever before.

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Iftikhar Tari, Christopher Legilisho, Stephen Birungi, and Najia Ubaid with Carole Biau

Building Markets

IFC-Milken Institute Capital Markets Program trains mid-career policymakers in emerging and developing economies.

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Hugh Evans

Rethinking Who Funds the War on Poverty

The traditional supply of development aid from wealthy countries may be under threat, but the need for aid in developing countries is more pressing than ever.

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Michael S. Burke

America's Infrastructure Future Hinges on New Partnerships

Amid fundamental shifts in U.S. government priorities, cities and states find themselves on the front lines of change like never before.

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Indra Nooyi

Becoming a Leader of Change

For aspiring leaders of change it is more quintessential than ever to continually adapt to the ever-changing demands of our time by remaining inquisitive students for life.

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Jim Yong Kim

A New Approach to Solve the World's Human Capital Crisis

We need to drastically change the system and prompt leaders to demand much more investment in human capital.

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Cindy Citrone

Making Philanthropy Count

Applying a systems-based approach has helped us design, prioritize, and evaluate our philanthropic portfolio.

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